Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Book by History Faculty Member Marissa Moorman!

Marissa Moorman, assistant professor in the History Department at IU, has recently published her book, _Intonations: A Social History of Music and Nation in Luanda, Angola, from 1945 to Recent Times_ (Ohio University Press, 2008) - Congratulations, Marissa!

From the book cover: "Intonations tells the story of how Angola's urban residents in the late colonial period (roughly 1945-74) used music to talk back to their colonial oppressors and, more importantly, to define what it meant to be Angolan and what they hoped to gain from independence. Author Marissa J. Moorman presents a social and cultural history of the relationship between Angolan culture and politics. She argues that it was in and through popular urban music, produced mainly in the capital city of Luanda's musseques (urban shantytowns), that Angolans forged the nation and developed expectations about nationalism...A compilation of Angolan music is included in CD format."

The brand-new book, once fully processed, can soon be checked out from our Music Library.

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